CONDITIONS AND TERMS FOR USING THIS WEBSITE These conditions and terms are to be considered as a legal binding agreement and obligation between you and the bank of commerce & development. The use of this website shall be inclusive of implicit and advance acceptance of the following conditions and terms :

    1. The conditions and terms included in this website are subject to the Libyan laws and the Libyan courts are competent to look into any disputes that may arise from this use.
    2. As regards the personal identity number ( P I N ) given by the bank which consists of four parts, it is not be allowed to be changed replaced, waived or manipulated therewith considered that it is made only for personal use and should be preserved and the same applies to the use of the password given to you by website management which you are entitled to change it but not to be waived to other. The password must be used personally, i. e. for the beneficiary her / him self.

In case of error in the password for three consecutive times, the electronic account shall close automatically without prior notice and then you can contact the department at the bank of commerce & development website.

  1. With regards to the data and products, the bank preserves the right to withdraw the data, services, the products and any available materials in this website or to amend them from time to time. The bank shall also be entitled to revoke, add or to amend the conditions and terms regarding the use of this website without prior notice.
  2. Exemption from liability : All data, materials, products and information available in this website as far as the geographical, political, economical, commercial or banking issues are concerned including the interest and the exchange rates shall be considered as general and estimated information subject to amendment and change in the course of time and according to the change at circumstances as the bank can not guarantee their stability or accuracy. The bank shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect losses or damages which may result from the use of the contents of this website for any dealings or transactions without first confirming their authenticity and accuracy as well as to consult the concerned persons thereabout.
  3. Personal use : Some of the contents at this website may be re-issued as a printed copy for the purpose of personal use only, however, it is prohibited to re-issued any part of the contents or to send it to others or to incorporate it within any prints or publications.
  4. Rights of intellectual property : All the content of this website fall within the rights of intellectual ownership of the bank of commerce & development and shall not be allowed to be published or distributed other than the personal purpose without first obtaining a written approval from the bank. The bank shall preserves its right to take legal proceedings against the dissidents and to claim for physical and moral damages and to judicially demand them, wherever it is appropriate.